Gentle and Fierce Yoga with Jessica

Ocean breeze blowing through the trees, sun shining its beautiful rays down on us, we all started in a cross-legged, seated position with our hands in the prayer position. The elements brought us strength and relief just when we needed it as well as the sweet voice of our LA Free Skool yoga instructor, Jessica.  How freeing it felt to stretch it out right next to the beautiful rose garden in Santa Monica on Ocean Ave. & Palisades. After a busy day at work, I walked down to the grassy park area where Palisades meets Ocean Ave. As the 7 students rolled out their mats and began practicing yoga, many passers by stopped to see what we were doing.  That is what LA Free Skool is all about! To share a practice like yoga, for free, in a public place for all to see, yeah, people got curious. What was this little group of people doing on a Thursday at 5:30pm in the grass in such a busy area of Santa Monica? Well, I”ll tell you. We were getting our stretch on in the best kind of way. From breathing techniques to gentle asanas, and then into more challenging poses, Jessica brought a wonderful mix of sweet, gentle, and fierce to our yoga class. I can’t wait until the next time she teaches. And you all shouldn’t miss it, either. So join LA Free Skool as we venture into the world of yoga with free classes in various locations!


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